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Lee's Authentication Service

Lee's Authentication Service Helping Adoptive Families

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WELCOME Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that I can be of assistance to you during your adoption process. My services are geared to the need of adoptive families who are adopting internationally. I can provide assistance with dossier preparation and paper work filings. I refer family law matters to the Law Office of Paul L. Brozdowski. They can provide services to families living in Connecticut and New York. For those of you who need this service please access the Attorney Information Page of this website. I specialize in international adoption dossier authentication and preparation. I am one of the first adoptive parents to start an authentication and dossier preparation service in the United States. Through my first business located in New York City called Documents Delivered I processed hundreds of dossiers. I took a hiatus while adopting my fourth child, a son from China. I have two children who were adopted from China and two biological children. I will authenticate documents anywhere in the United States. I can obtain vital records for those of you who need assistance. I hold a notarial commission in Connecticut and can travel within the state to notarize documents. I help obtain passports and process visa applications. I work with multiple indivduals throughout the country to expedite documents where needed.


DOSSIER PREPARATION: This service provides you with guidance and checking of documents.  It helps reduce time spent authenticating your own documents.  Dossier preparation is usually done via phone or fax.  Face to face meetings can be arranged.  Price $150.00


DOSSIER PREPARATION AND AUTHENTICATION: This includes dossier preparation and the authentication of your documents.  All government charges, federal express, transportation, and phone calls are included in this price.  All you need to do is have your documents ready to go (notarized and/or certified as needed) and I will do all the rest.  Price


COURIER SERVICES FOR NEW YORK CITY:  Includes hand delivery of your documents. Contact Debbie Halprin for courier

Lee's Authentication Service- Honored to assist you with dossier preparation and authentications for all countries. Legal services provided by affiliate attorney at extremely reasonable prices. Help with completing government forms for INS, passports, and assistance with Visas.

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